[matrix] Conduit beta at ungleich

Posted on 2022-07-10 by ungleich matrix team

News from the Matrix Home Server department

Here at ungleich we always have a look around, which Matrix home server to use. Obviously, you all know about synapse, the reference server. Some of you might also know about dendrite, an experimental, maybe at some point in the future replacement of synapse.

But did you know about conduit, a tiny Matrix homeserver written in Rust? Well, now you do.

Next generation Matrix Home Server?

At ungleich we like to see what is coming next and conduit certainly has the potential to become an interesting, production grade homeserver. At the moment there are some issues open for the 1.0 milestone, however conduit is actually already quite usable.

How stable you ask? Well, ...

Phasing in public beta server at ungleich

To give you a preview, we have setup an IPv6 only instance of conduit at conduit.ungleich.ch.

This server is open for public use, anyone (well, anyone with IPv6...) can register. However note: this is only a test instance. We might at any point in the future delete, replace or reset it. It is not backed and not a production service. It's main intent is to allow you to easily test out Conduit.

If you are looking for a production grade homeserver for yourself, have a look at our hosted Matrix offerings.

That said - give it a shot. We think Conduit is a promising homeserver, especially given its focus on low resource usage.

... why IPv6 only?

There are several reason for it:

  • IPv6 only is much easier to setup than IPv6+IPv4
  • This is a public beta service for which we try to keep the effort low
  • It's good test for us to see if conduit works in our IPv6 only networks
  • Global IPv6 traffic is nearing 50% and many countries already exceed 50%

If you cannot access the conduit server because you don't have IPv6, you can always get IPv6 via the IPv6VPN.

Follow up or questions

You can join the discussion either on the conduit server or you can also join our chat on https://chat.with.ungleich.ch (IPv6+IPv4 Synapse based Matrix server).

If you have anything to share about conduit, feel free to join the room #conduit:fachschaften.org.