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Future ready. Now.

IPv6 is quickly replacing IPv4 now world wide and more and more servers are only reachable by IPv6. So a backup without IPv6 is not future ready. Read more on why you need IPv6 today. 

  • Backups are natively accessible via IPv6
  • You can still backup legacy (IPv4) servers
  • No future costs for changing to IPv6 required

Free IPv6 VPN

If you don't have native IPv6, you can use the ungleich IPv6 VPN for free to access your backup data. Up to 5 VPNs are included for free with the IPv6 backup solution. This way you can also make sites and hosts available that would usually be unreachable.

  • Up to 5 IPv6 VPNs for free
  • IPv6 VPN can be used to access the backup data
  • IPv6 VPN can be used to ensure reachability to servers

More secure

Traditional backup solutions are reachable by IPv4 and IPv6. The solution provided by ungleich is only reachable via IPv6. The ungleich IPv6 backup has multiple advantages:

  • Unreachable from the legacy IPv4 Internet
  • Allows specifying IP ranges from which you can retrieve the backup
  • Access can be limited to your own IPv6 VPN range
  • When accessing with the VPN, traffic to your backup is additionally encrypted

How it works

To backup your servers, only a few steps are necessary:

  • Ensure the server is reachable from the backup server
    • If necessary, an IPv6 can be used on your server
  • Add the ssh key of the backup server to your server
  • Specify which paths should be backed up

That is all you need to do and not having to worry about your backup anymore.


Get the IPv6 backup

The pricing for IPv6 backup is as follows:

  • One time setup 35 CHF
  • Base price 23 CHF / month
  • 2 CHF / month per 100 GB backup storage

Some example backup configurations:

  Backup Size   Price per month in CHF
  100 GB   25
  500 GB   33
  1 TB   43
  2 TB   63
  10 TB   223

Just write to us if you have any questions or if you want to place an order.


How much space?

We are often asked how much backup space you need. We perform backups for you daily and compress the backups automatically. We keep 5 daily, 4 weekly and 12 monthly backups of your data. While in theory you would need 21 times the space of your server, our compression helps to reduce this by about 50%. So to backup 100 GB of data, we recommend using 1000 GB (1TB) of backup space.

  • Rule of thumb: take 10x data space for backup space


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