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The Best of 2018

Our best moments of 2018, in a video.

Posted on Dec. 30, 2018

2018, what a year. We did some really cool things and because they were so cool, we put them into a short video. If you've been following us closely, you might know many of the things in the video, and if you haven't, then it's your chance to catch up quickly. So here we go: watch the recap of our 2018!


The cool things we did in 2018


  • We built our data center, Data Center Light, with 100% renewable energy (99.9% hydropower from the Alps, 0.1% solar power) and 100% open source. Twice. (One in Schwanden, one in Linthal) 


  • We hosted Hack4Glarus, the best hackathon ever. (Words from our participants!) Once in summer, once in winter. Twice.






  • We launched the ungleich quiz, spreading all the sysadmin fun. After many requests of revival, rumor has it that the ungleich quiz will be back sometime soon in 2019!


  • We launched a safe cloud solution located in Glarus, Switzerland. A sort of Glarner Dropbox: Glarnercloud. 



Wow, the year 2018 was indeed an eventful year for ungleich. Those are the "best of" our much longer list of things done. Maybe in another post, we can list up things more in detail per subjects. But 30th of December seemed like a good time for summing up a year, although somewhat roughly.

How many of these moments do you remember? We hope some, if not all, of our efforts of spreading our values via technology gave you some warm feelings and hope at some moments in 2018. Either by hacking with us at one of our great Hack4Glarus, or giggling at our comics, or using some of our hosting services, or struggling through our sysadmin quiz, or just reading about all this from our blog, twitter or chat. What we can say is we loved being with you in all of those moments with you, and hope you stay with us for more great moments to come in the next year.

Thank you for your love and support, you're the reason we could do all these cool things! 

Oh, one more thing: if you want to support our crowdfunding before the end of 2018 and help us continue the great things in 2019, visit here. :)