ungleich adds a bounty program

Posted on 2020-04-29 by ungleich


At ungleich we love FOSS. If you want to contribute to selected Free and Open Source Software and even get paid for it, checkout the ungleich bounty program.


At ungleich we have something like an "infinite task queue". While we do contribute to Free and Open Source Software on daily basis, there are a variety of things we can't do during daily work.

It's Open Source

So because everything we use is Open Source and we live the Open Source spirit, chances are high that somebody will scratch the itch that we have found some time in the future. Because it is Open Source, anyone with the technical skills can actually fix it.

It's about values

Many bounty items will actually list support for IPv6 or fixing things that are necessary for having "good" or clean software. With volunteers contributing to Open Source Software, everyone profits from the changes that you make.

The bounty list

The list of bounties can be found on our Jobs, Hacks and Bounties page. It will be updated regularly with the progress.

If you think you have a project that fits very much the ungleich project, you can also suggest a bounty by writing an email to support at ungleich.ch.

You are also invited to join our open chat, to hang out or to discuss the bounty idea.