GLAMP #1 2021

Posted on 2021-07-17 by ungleich

Glamp 2021 has been CANCELLED

Due to the rising number of Coronavirus infections, travel restrictions and travel uncertainties, we have decided to CANCEL the GLAMP2021.


Get your tent, connect it to power and 10Gbit/s Internet in the midst of the Glarner mountains. Happenening Thursday 2021-08-19 to Sunday 2021-08-22. Apply for participation by mail (information at the bottom of the page).


It has been some time since our last Hack4Glarus and we have been missing all our friends, hackers and participants. At ungleich we have been watching the development of the Coronavirus world wide and as you might know, we have decided against a Hack4Glarus for this summer, as the Hack4Glarus has been an indoor event so far.

No Hack4Glarus = GLAMP

However, we want to try a different format that ensures proper safety. Instead of an indoor Hack4Glarus in Linthal, we introduce the Glarus Camp (or GLAMP in short) to you. An outdoor event with sufficient space for distancing. As a camping site we can use the surrounding of the Hacking Villa, supported by the Hacking Villa facilities.

Compared to the Hack4Glarus, the GLAMP will focus more on relaxation, hangout than being a hackathon. We think times are hard enough to give everyone a break.

The setting

Many of you know the Hacking Villa in Diesbach already. Located just next to the pretty waterfall and the amazing Legler Areal. The villa is connected with 10 Gbit/s to the Data Center Light and offers a lot of fun things to do.

Coronavirus measures beforehand

To ensure safety for everyone, we ask everyone attending to provide a reasonable proof of not spreading the corona virus with one of the following proofs:

  • You have been vaccinated
  • You had the corona virus and you are symptom free for at least 14 days
  • You have been tested with a PCR test (7 days old at maximum) and the result was negative

All participants will be required to take an short antigen test on site.

Please do not attend if you feel sick for the safety of everyone else.

Coronavirus measures on site

To keep the space safe on site as well, we ask you to follow these rules:

  • Sleep in your own tent
  • Wear masks inside the Hacking Villa
    • Especially if you are preparing food shared with others
  • Keep distance and respect others safety wishes

Hacking Villa Facilities

  • Fast Internet (what do you need more?)
  • A shared, open area outside for hacking
  • Toilets and bath room located inside

What to bring

  • A tent + sleeping equipment
  • Fun stuff
    • Your computer
    • Wifi / IoT / Hacking things
  • If you want wired Internet in your tent: a 15m+ Ethernet cable
    • WiFi will be provided everywhere

What is provided

  • Breakfast every morning
  • A place for a tent
  • Power to the tent (Swiss plug)
  • WiFi to the tent
  • Traditional closing event spaghetti

What you can find nearby

  • A nearby supermarket (2km) reachable by foot, scooter, bike
  • A waterfall + barbecue place (~400m)
  • Daily attractions such as hacking, hiking, biking, hanging out


As the space is limited, we can accomodate about 10 tents (roughly 23 people). To register, send an email to based on the following template:

Subject: GLAMP#1 2021

For each person with you (including yourself):

    Non Coronavirus proof:
    (see requirements on the glamp page)

    (how you want to be called)

    (will be shown to others at the glamp)

    (will be shown to others at the glamp)

    Food interests:
    (we use this for pooling food orders)

    What I would like to do:
    (will be shown to others at the glamp)

The particaption fee is 70 CHF/person (to be paid on arrival).

Time, Date and Location

  • Arrival possible from Wednesday 2021-08-18 16:00
  • GLAMP#1 starts officially on Thursday 2021-08-19, 1000
  • GLAMP#1 closing lunch Sunday 2021-08-22, 1200
  • GLAMP#1 ends officially on to Sunday 2021-08-22, 1400

Location: Hacking Villa


Where do I get Internet?

It is available everywhere at/around the Hacking Villa via WiFi. For cable based Internet bring a 15m+ Ethernet cable.

Where do I get Electricity?

You'll get electricity directly to the tent. Additionally the shared area also has electricity. You can also bring solar panels, if you like.

Where do I get food?

Breakfast is provided by us. But what about the rest of the day? There are a lot of delivery services available, ranging from Pizza, Tibetan, Thai, Swiss (yes!), etc. available.

Nearby are 2 Volg supermarkets, next Coop is in Schwanden, bigger Migros in Glarus and very big Coop can be found in Netstal. The Volg is reachable by foot, all others are reachable by train or bike.

There is also a kitchen inside the Hacking Villa for cooking. There is also a great barbecue place just next to the waterfall.

What can I do at the GLAMP?

There are alot of opportunities at the GLAMP:

You can ...

  • just relax and hangout
  • hack on project that you post poned for long
  • hike up mountains (up to 3612m! Lower is also possible)
  • meet other hackers
  • explore the biggest water power plant in Europe (Linth Limmern)
  • and much much more!