Free IPv6 VPN for hackerspaces

Posted on 2019-11-08 by Nico Schottelius


If you are a hackerspace and you want to hack/work/have fun with IPv6, send an email to ipv6hackerspace -at- with your public wireguard key plus a short description of your hackerspace and get an IPv6 VPN for free.

The world belongs to geeks...

"...because nobody else wants it." was a slogan I've once read on a mug. True or not, fact is that we geeks and hackers are the ones who live in the Internet, create many of its backbone technologies and always fight for a better version of it (with varying degree of success...).

How the Internet was supposed to be

The Internet was built to foster communication, research and exchange of ideas. With the tranformation to a commercial driven network and the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses we changed the way how we use the Internet: instead of exchanging data directly with each other, we use intermediate cloud services. Instead of being able to publish information on any computer, we are hidden by multiple levels of NAT.

We have moved far away from the original idea of the Internet, it's time to take back control.

Using IPv6 to change the game, now

With IPv6 we geeks are back in the game, can launch services as we like, be reachable under the same IPv6 address world wide, can even carry around our networks and offer them as a service when we visit other places.

The values of team ungleich are pretty much aligned with the hacking community (in fact, we run a Hacking Hotel in Digital Glarus). Our job at ungleich is to enable people to do stuff, so we decided it is time to enable (other) hackerspaces to join the movement.

Why hackerspaces?

If you read hacking as in "creative use of technology", it is clear that creativity should not be limited. To explore new ways of using the Internet (maybe even without facebook?), you need to be able to experiment, to explore, to challenge. We love this groove and want to support this, that's why we support hackerspaces.

Why a (wireguard based) VPN?

We are aware that there are other tunnel providers and technologies out there and that is a good thing. The reasons why we opted for a Wireguard VPN based solution are following:

  • wireguard: it's very easy and slim and does not require IPv4 inside the tunnel (which OpenVPN still does). Also it works on "almost any device" including Linux, BSD and niche OS like Windows, macos, iOS and Android.
  • VPN: work with dynamic IPs, works behind CGNAT

(feel free to challenge this decision in a discussion on

Getting IPv6 for a hackerspace

To get IPv6 for your hackerspace, simple write an email to ipv6hackerspace -at- with a short description of your hackerspace and your public wireguard key.

You can find more information on how to configure wireguard and how to create the public key in the ungleich redmine wiki.

IPv6 chat

If you want to stay in touch with us and talk about IPv6 IRC alike, you can join us on the IPv6 chat.