Running Workadventure in Kubernetes IPv6 only

Posted on 2021-12-19 by ungleich


At ungleich we are often running software in IPv6 only environments and recently even more in IPv6 only Kubernetes clusters. Today we had a look at running WorkAdventure in an IPv6 only kubernetes cluster.

Status: waiting for bugfix

At the moment it looks like as if WorkAdventure cannot run in IPv6 only Kubernetes clusters. The frontend displays the infamous "Network Error" messages. When checking the backend, it displays an error that it cannot resolve the redis hostname, which seems to be a bug in the resolver code, as the hostname does resolve, albeit only to an IPv6 address.

The code

As usual you can find our code in the ungleich-k8s repository, which contains development iterations at the moment:

  • v1: initial conversions from docker-compose using kompose
  • v2: Adjust manifests so that pods generally speaking run
  • v3: Turned into a helm chart with most services running stable

If you want to give it a spin yourself, here is how to:

  • Setup an IPv6 only kubernetes cluster
  • Ensure you have helm locally installed
  • Ensure you have

  • Clone the ungleich-k8s repo (see link above)

  • cd apps/workadventure/

And use

helm upgrade --install workadventure v3/

Next steps

We are currently waiting to hear back from the redis bug report and will continue developing after the backend is running stable in an IPv6 only environment.

If you are interested in this development, feel free to join us on the open kubernetes chat.