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Access GitHub, Twitter, Reddit and more from IPv6 only networks!

We offer public IPv6 capable proxy that allows you to access selected IPv4 only websites from IPv6 only networks. Github, Reddit, Twitter... are all IPv4-only websites, we enable them as proxy on our websites. We create a domain like and we proxy this website to reddit.

List of currently IPv4-only websites that we enabled for IPv6:


If you wish to add another page to the list, mail to, or join our open chat

Note: is a free proxy service with TLS certificates issued to the sub domains of This means that when you visit a site below the traffic is encrypted until the proxy. We then re-encrypt your request to go to the end site again using https. While we are not interested in your traffic and all of this is technically happening inside an nginx process, we do have the technical capability of seeing all traffic.

The main purpose of is to show how easy it is to enable IPv6 for any website. Arguments like "we have to change the whole network" or "it is too complicated" are simply not true. We can add a new site within 10 minutes as a small Swiss company.

TL;DR: only use for content that can be considered public. As soon as a site listed above supports IPv6, we will disable the proxy entry for that site.

Unsupported domains

Some domains are not easily to support, such as

  • Some pages of refer/redirect to
  • Some pages of refer/redirect to

So if we were to add that proxies, the user would at some point be redirected to, which again is IPv6 unreachable. The same problem occurs for pages on Thus to support, we would need to support content modification, i.e. rewriting to So, besides the obvious ethical problem of proxying a payment page, the effort required to enable paypal via IPv6 does not match the simple approach that we want to showcase on


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