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FAQ for Glarnercloud

Q: What is Glarnercloud? Is it an own Nextcloud instance? Or is it Owncloud?

A: Glanercloud is your own Nextcloud instance, it is a sustainable and open-source alternative for Google Drive or Dropbox. Glarnercloud is a Nextcloud installation that we set up and maintain.


Q: Is it possible to use a custom domain for Glanercloud?

A: Absolutely yes! You'll only need to create the AAAA during the setup process so that we can use letsencrypt certificatess.


Q: Can I have shell access to Glarnercloud?

A: Yes! You can have shell access, given that when you have shell access, you will be responsible for maintenance.


Q: If you manage Glarnercloud, will I still be "superuser" in the web interface?

A: Yes.


Q: Can I install and configure add-ons and other users?

A: Yes!


Q: How does the backup work in Glarnercloud?

A: The backup server and Nextcloud server are at 2 different data centers. Our backup plan offers 4 times daily, 4 times weekly, 12 times monthly backup of the data. You can caculate the backup size depending on the original HDD disk size. 

* Example of 100 GB HDD: 4*100 + 4*100 + 12*100 = 2000 GB (2 TB)  

* Example of 200 GB HDD: 4*200 + 4*200 + 12*200 = 4000 GB (4 TB)

More information on the backup can be found at Zero Carbon Backup.


Q: Can I create a DNS record pointing to it?

A: Yes, you can just contact our support team and we'll do it for you.


Q: How can I pay for Glarnercloud?

A: You can either pay monthly or yearly for your Glarnercloud. Monthly plans are payable by credit card, and for yearly plans we also support payment by wire transfer. You can contact our support for requesting payment details.