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List of IPv6 Only Services

The future today

Posted on Feb. 5, 2019

In our opinion, IPv6 only services are essential for moving forward with the IPv6 adoption world wide. For this reason we support IPv6 only services with a variety of actions. But that is obviously not enough, because the IPv6 movement needs a lot of IPv6 only services. With a lot of IPv6 only services, we will be able to create a demand for IPv6 connectivity. And with more widely available IPv6 connectivity the implementation of IPv6 only services will automatically raise.

The List of IPv6 Only Services

So far so good, but which IPv6 only services are actually available? Turns out that as of 2019-02-05, it is not that many. In fact, we are even able to list them in a blog entry:

Do you know of any other IPv6 only service? Or do you want to build an IPv6 only service? Even cooler! We love to hear from you!