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Why you need IPv6

The reason is different from what you think.

Posted on May 23, 2018

You seriously need IPv6. Even and especially if you are shaking your head right now. Let us explain to you why.


Because IPv4 does not support feature X?

Actually no. Seriously, we are not going to tell you that you need IPv6, because it supports features like source routing, segment routing or IPsec. You usually don't care about those.

Because of IP address shortage?

Let's have a look at it: There are a lot of IPv4 addresses out there and for each of the official IPv4 addresses out there, you can use network address translation (NAT) to EASILY support thousands of computers behind it. And even if you are behind a NAT already, you can even do NAT again and again and again. So while we can't do this infinitely often, we probably can do it often enough[tm]. So maybe this is not the right reason.

Because everyone will use IPv6 in the future?

Let's face the truth: there are still some IP blocks available at the RIRs. And even if they run out, there will be an active market for IPv4 addresses to sell and buy. So every bigger corporate will be able to buy enough IPv4 space. In fact, many of them already have done so. Scarcity will define the ever growing price for IPv4 space in the near future.


Because, IPv6 gives freedom to you.

So we found out that a) all necessary features are available in IPv4 and b) there are enough IPv4 addresses for everyone with enough resources. And that is probably the only real reason, why you need IPv6.

Think about it for a moment: While big corporates have the power to acquire enough addresses for every use case, you don't.

You want to expose services of your home network? You can fiddle around with NAT, hack some proxies and waste a lot of time and energy on this setup.


With IPv6, you can assign *every* device in your network a public IPv6 address and decide on your router/firewall, which services to expose publicly.

Without IPv6, you are locked in and you transfer the ability to change the world to bigger corporates.

IPv6 gives you, hackers, developers, small or medium size companies, system administrators, the freedom to choose.


How to get IPv6?

We believe you certainly should have IPv6 on all your hostings. Many of the bigger providers support IPv6 optional. At Data Center Light, every virtual machine comes with an IPv6 address and you can get a /64 network on request.

And on you can get VMs that only have IPv6 and find their way into the IPv4 Internet using NAT64.

And what about your connection to your home or company? You might already have IPv6 or your provider might give you an IPv6 network on request.

But even if not, there are 2 more options: either install teredo/miredo for a single IP or request an IPv6 VPN from ungleich (just send an email to info at

And now, stop shaking your head and embrace IPv6 - it is important. For you, for us, for everyone.


Still reading? Then you might want to checkout the ungleich quiz v6, which only works with IPv6. Why? Because we love IPv6.

Update 2018-05-24

As we got some requests, asking about how the IPv6 vpn works, here are some details:

  • You only need an OpenVPN client on your side (Windows/Linux/MacOS works)
  • You will receive a certificate, a ca file and openvpn config from us
  • We route a /64 IPv6 network to your tunnel end point
  • You can distribute IPs in your network as you like (we recommend using radvd)
  • Pricing is 10 USD / 10 EUR / 10 CHF per month (currency of your choice)
  • If you want to know more, you can join our chat . 

update 2019-03-04

With popular request for IPv6 VPN, we opened up a web shop: Now you can get IPv6 VPN easily.