When will RIPE run out of IPv4 addresses?

Posted on 2019-10-10 by ungleich

As of today, RIPE has less than 1 million IPv4 addresses available.

ripe ipv4 pool

So the question is, how long until RIPE does not have any IPv4 addresses anymore? Or more specifically, which is the exact date on which RIPE will have run out of IPv4 addresses?

We are very curious and wonder who can best predict the exact date. And because it's a lot of fun to guess the right time, we will give out an IPv6 only VM for free to the person that guesses the exact date.


Want to guess?

Just follow @ungleich on Twitter and post your guess as a reply to our tweet.

Rules are:

  • You cannot use the same date somebody else already guessed
  • You can only guess once
  • You can only guess until 2019-10-13-2359 UTC

And the winners is ...?

Unfortunately, nobody guessed the exact date. However, the nearest guess came from @pb_double, with less than 2 days of difference. He was followed by @VertXVaaR and @agowa338 with 3 days of difference.