The IPv6-eye: a proper IPv6 camera

Posted on 2020-11-04 by ungleich


At ungleich we have created an IPv6 camera that brings its own IPv6 connectivity. And a world wide reachable name. We are currently crowdfunding the production of the first 100 cameras.

A real IPv6 camera?

What is the advantage of IPv6 again? Exactly, world wide reachability without any hacks or quirks.

To support this, we have not only created a camera that works within all types of networks:

  • IPv6 only
  • IPv4 only
  • Dual Stack (IPv6+IPv4)

We took it one step further: The IPv6-eye is an IPv6 camera that brings its own IPv6 connectivity. This way it works independently of whether your network actually supports IPv6 or not.

On top of all of this, we created the project that even gives a cool name to every IPv6 camera in the world.

How to use the IPv6-eye

It is very simple:

  • plugin a network cable with Internet uplink
  • connect it to power
  • It works!

After that you can ...

  • Point the camera to what you want to show
  • Visit (you can find an example on
  • Optionally configure it to connect to your existing wifi network

How does the IPv6-eye work?

But what happens under the hood? The IPv6-eye is based on a similar concept as the VIIRB. The IPv6-eye uses the IPv6VPN to acquire IPv6 connectivity. This works in IPv4 only, IPv6 only and dual stack networks.

From that moment on, the camera is world wide reachable.

A name for every IPv6 camera out there

However, people do not like to type IP addresses. Not IPv4, not IPv6. For this reason you can choose a name below the domain for your camera. This offer is for free on top of the actual hardware.

Fully Open Source

Like the VIIRB, the whole stack is fully Open Source. The operating system is OpenWRT. The VPN software is wireguard. And the video streaming server is based on mjpg-streamer or motion (still has to be decided for the final shipment). All files that are required to configure the IPv6-eye can be found in the ungleich-tools repository.

Crowdfunding the production

As it is usual for the production process to start at a minimum size, we aim to crowdfund the first 100 units. If we exceed the minimum goal of 100 IPv6 eyes, we have added some extra goodies as an option.

Checkout the crowdfunding campaign for more details.