enabling IPv4 sites for IPv6 only networks

Posted on 2019-10-17 by Nico Schottelius

Have you ever been in an IPv6 only network and wanted to reach IPv4 sites without NAT64?

Inspired by talks at RIPE79, I decided to give it a try, whether we can easily expose some IPv4 only sites with a proxy to the IPv6 Internet.

Turns out, using a bit of nginx magic and an IPv6 only VM with NAT64 this is actually not too hard.

How it works

First of all, all sites are enabled on a site-by-site basis, so this is not a generic IPv6-to-IPv4 proxy.

For every "site", be it Hackernews, Twitter or Reddit, I created a subdomain below like:

Each of the sites have their own SSL certificate, not the one used by the actual site. The reason for this is that I needed the client to access the proxy instead of failing to access the site (like by not finding an AAAA entry.

The disadvantage of this is that I have to decrypt and re-encrypt the traffic. So while I am not interested in your data, I advise to use this service knowing that the TLS connection is decrypted and reencrypted on the path.

List of sites

You find the current list of sites on If you would like to have another site added, just ping me on