IPv6 addresses for free

Posted on 2021-12-23 by ungleich


Are you, your organisation or someone you know interested in public, static, addressable IPv6 address space? But have you refrained from getting it because of cost issues? And/or would you be interested in affordable (free/almost free) IPv6 address space?

If yes, then please reach out to us via:

With this information:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you need or plan to use the IPv6 space for?
  • Are we allowed to share your information publicly?
  • What are your financial constraints?

The last question is mainly to find out why you would not apply to become an LIR at one of the RIRs. However if you don't want to share, the last question can be skipped.


  • This is not about routing or connectivity, but merely about assignment of address space.

The background: free = ULA

At the moment the only "free" available IPv6 address space is ULA space. However there is no official ULA registry, even though we provide a ULA registry at ungleich. We are not the only ones though, DN42 also registers ULA space.

ULA space is not only not officially managed, but also comes with the drawback that it will never be routed through the Internet.

Global Unique Addresses (GUA) are paid

Global Unique Addresses, even if not routed or announced in the Internet, are something you can get from an RIR, if you are a registered LIR. Being an LIR costs 1400 Euro per year + a one time fee.

One theory is that every organisation can afford this, but at ungleich we imagine this is stopping organisations from pursuing GUA.

This survey

This is why we started this page, to find out which organisations are looking for IPv6 address space or are using ULA because of cost issues. Answering this survey helps to find out whether or not there should be afford to either

  • Establish an official ULA registry
  • To provide GUA address space for free

So please spread the word - the more answers there are, the easier it will be to continue the discussion. We plan to publish all answers that are allowed to be shared publicly in a git repository.