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Ruby On Rails as easy as possible

How it works :

  • Ubuntu 14.04 as the operating system, full root access!

  • rbenv to let you decide which Ruby version you want to use

  • nginx as the frontend Server (optional with SSL Support)

  • uwsgi to have your application talk to nginx and vice versa

  • PostgreSQL as the database

Option 1 : Your own infrastructure

We configure your own infrastructure for Ruby On Rails. Keep the comfort and safety of being at your home, while we set things up for you.

Option 2 : Our infrastructure

We take care of everything for you! You don't need your infrastructure. We give you everything you need in Ruby On Rails hosting. Full root access, 24x7 support.

Hosting Price

  • 15 CHF

    per month
  • 69 CHF

    per month
  • 30 CHF

    per month
  • 60 CHF

    per month
  • 120 CHF

    per month