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Launch of

A blog dedicated to IPv6:

Posted on May 5, 2019 goes live!

First we released the and today we are proud to announce the release of! We have populated the with existing IPv6 related posts from us, but our is open for anyone to post! a blog from and for the IPv6 community

If you have been into IPv6 since the start, you might be one of those dinosaurs that have become tired of promoting IPv6.

If you are new to IPv6, you might just be in the right mood for publishing articles about how to solve problems with IPv6 or how it changed the way you work.

With we want to give the newcomers a platform to talk about their experiences and at the same time motivate those who have become tired of IPv6 already.


Contributing to

So how to publish an IPv6 article on It's very easy: login to our redmine, create an issue with the blog article and add the content in the description. The ungleich team will proofread it and then transfer it into the blog. If you don't already have an account for logging into, you can create it on

You are also invited to discuss an article on before submitting. You might get very useful feedback there for it. However, this is facultative.


The fine print or: "What to publish?"

The reason why we promote a 2 staged model is to avoid spamming from the beginning. The content itself is very open, even self-promotions are explicitly allowed. There are though common sense rules to ensure stays usable for the readers:

  • Content must be in English
  • Content must be verifiable
  • No hatred/discrimination of gender/race/sexual orientation
  • Content is published under a free license, like creativecommons 

So we look forward to reading your IPv6 blog postings! If you have any questions, you can always find us at the :)