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The Launch of Devuan Hosting

DEVUAN WEEK 2018.04.01 - 2018.04.07 

Posted on April 4, 2018

If you follow our blog and twitter from time to time you might have already read our posting on Devuan written by Nico, which caused some nice ripple around Hacker News and other places where serious Linux users hang out. 

When we said we support Devuan, we meant it. We want it to survive and continue and be known to as many users as possible out there. For this reason we launched a hosting website dedicated to Devuan last week, and decided that first week of April will be our "Devuan week."

It's like this Drinks For Everybody, It's On the House! kind of happy week. Except it'll be RAM or CPU for everybody instead of drinks. But that's way better than drinks, isn't it? (Not that we don't do the former, if you were at our #Hack4Glarus hackathon you saw the unlimited Club Mate we offered which actually inspired our participants for automated Club Mate ordering app and more. Okay, enough sidetracking, back to Devuan talk.)


So yeah, we are offering free double-up chance for everybody who orders Devuan VMs from our datacenter during the first week of April. And we will call it Devuan week. If you are into the idea of supporting Devuan, we want to support you by giving you something we can offer from our pocket. If you know somebody who are into Devuan, you can spread the word of Devuan week for us so we can offer something to that person as well. We know there are many of us out there, and we can give each other a hand and move forward together. 

We are always open for listening to your ideas - reach us anytime via Twitter, if you have feedback for our or our Devuan week. 

So everybody, enjoy Devuan week! It's on ungleich.