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Digital Glarus: Call for Hacking

Have you ever hacked a house?

Posted on July 26, 2015

House hacking?

Hacking a house? You may already have heard of this or you may have done it already - without knowing it. A webcam at the door coupled with face recognition to open the door? House hacking! Lights that go on automatically, when you enter the door or when it is dark enough? House hacking! Using your mobile phone to open the doors? Definitely house hacking! Screens that change their content depending on your mood? Well, you get the picture...

Which house to hack?

We from ungleich are currently looking for a suitable house to buy, renovate and to turn it into the first Co-Working Space in Digital Glarus. We are talking to investors, banks and potential users to select the right house to start building Digital Glarus.

Where is this house?

It will be located between Ziegelbrücke and Linthat - the exact location will be revealed soon!

Why hack this house?

As you may know, the Digital Glarus project is still very young and that also means innovative and dynamic. We want to create a modern Co-Working Space made by Hackers, for Hackers. We believe in the spirit of Open Source Software,

of Crowdfunding and creating a home for digital nomads. Thus we offer this house to anyone, who would like to hack a house.

What am I allowed to do?

We practically allow you to do anything that is improves the house and conforms to the law. In case of doubt, just ask us!

I want to participate, but don't have any money!

We all have been in this situation that we wanted to do something, but did not have the money to realise it. As we believe in building a great Co-Working Space together, we offer financial support for up to 5 projects for up to 500 CHF each.

If you want to use this money, just fill out the form with your project description. We will review all projects and if suitable, take the next step with you. You will hear back from us in any case...

How to hack this house?

If you are interested in hacking the house, drop us a message via Twitter (@ungleich)  or fill out the project form.