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Digital Glarus: The first meetup meeting

Today the "Makers im Zigerschlitz" met the first time

Posted on July 20, 2015

If you have followed the story of Digital Glarus, you know that we at ungleich are modernising the Canton of Glarus and making it ready for the digital age, because we believe it is a place with a great view and potential.

Today happened the first meetup of Makers im Zigerschlitz at which many possible topics to work on were discussed.

We discussed various ideas for long time exposure projects (including one for using a boomerang with LEDs on it!), to help each other in home automation (switching lights on when you enter your home at night) to gaming projects.

We also discussed various projects that are more suitable for children to get in touch with technology (using for instance the Raspberry Pi).

If you do not yet know what the advantages of Digital Glarus are and why we at ungleich are investing here, follow us on Twitter for updates - we will post more articles about Digital Glarus soon.