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Preview of the ungleich hosting technologies

Curious which technologies are behind ungleich hosting?

Posted on June 14, 2015

Recently we announced our first application hosting: As you can see on the site, we are still in an early Beta for subscriptions, however the technology stack that we use behind it, has been in use for some years already.

As we are an Open Source company, we are also  very open about our work. Actually, a lot of the work we do for our customers can be open sourced, because many of our customers are living the Open Source Spirit, but that is a different blog post...

While our first incarnation of hosting was completely managed by cdist, we moved on to use OpenNebula, so we can let people manage their virtual machines on their own and via a WebUI.

In our second incarnation we gave Ceph a try, however the performance was not as good as we hoped. In our current hosting we are using GlusterFS for storing the High Availability VMs.

For the frontend to our hosting we have chosen a combination of Nginx, uwsgi, Django, DjangoCMS, DjangoCMS Blog and PostgreSQL. The complete stack is configured by cdist.


That's a sneak preview on what we used for our new hosting - we will write more about how we glued together all components in a future entry.